FTN 275: Military Industrial Choreography Complex

FTN 275: Military Industrial Choreography Complex

Jazz and James cut through the highly choreographed political posturing at week’s end to reveal the impeachment process itself as a sword of Damocles that has, as of Friday night, already delivered at least 3 instances crypto-amnesty buried in both the NDAA and year end $1.4 trillion spending package with more on the way. No fight. No veto. 100% checkmate. In the second half, it’s an inside look at all the Blooms and Roses of Bloomberg’s ascendant candidacy, DOJ working hand in hand with big tech, the latest CIS report on Chinese and Indian immigration trends, and Allsup’s top notch Christmas cocktail recipe. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!

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h/t to Kyle for this week’s cover art:

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Strike the Nation
00:10:00 – Kosher Choreography
00:40:00 – Crypto Amnesty
00:55:00 – Section 230 Pilpul
01:05:00 – Lay of the Meta Political Landscape
01:28:00 – Hotstuff
01:30:00 – Blooms and Roses
02:05:00 – DOJ and Silicon Valley Team Up
02:30:00 – CIS Report on Asiatic Termites
02:42:00 – Allsup Christmas Cocktail Recipe

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