Reality vs Delusions

When the former physically triumphs over the latter, it’s often quite gruesome.

Reality vs Delusions

When it comes to the exigencies of our fraught age, it’s my firm philosophy that reality is going to prevail upon everyone, one way or the other. Here in the dissident media, we’d like to acquaint the misled and uninformed with the truth by utilizing facts, reason, and satire of the absurd. That would be the optimal way to do it for all parties involved.

Indeed, it would be really nice if we could wake up enough people to peacefully effect some significant positive change on a decisive scale. However, my experiences over the past 20 years have left me leaning towards the opinion that this is less of a goal and more of a fantasy. There’s a pretty large slice of the population whose radars simply don’t register reality. For people of this ilk, there are no dots you can connect for them, no broader patterns to elucidate.

For instance, I grew up in a majority Black area attending majority Black public schools with upper middle class White classmates. This was a typical Gen-X situation in vibrant parts of an America in white flight transition. It was readily apparent to me from kindergarten on that these different people than ourselves were causing serious levels of dysfunction to the point where they seemed incompatible with our institutions. Why couldn’t so many of my peers see what was right in front of them? In my teenage naivete, I assumed this could be corrected by pointing out the obvious.

When one of our colored classmates got shot dead over a pair of sneakers, I remarked that whoever executed him did so because he was stupid and lacked the self-control not to kill over a matter so trivial as used footwear. I can vividly recall  the red-faced rage I elicited from my White classmates about how I was being racist and this was a socioeconomic issue. I then calmly made the point that perhaps they were poor as a result of the same traits that led them to commit shocking acts of violence for nothing. Only more indignation. It was a loop their brains just couldn’t perform.

There are many minds incapable of entertaining rational possibilities, yet being impervious to reason doesn’t render one immune to reality, and therein lies the problem. These people take risks that sometimes conclude in their gruesome and untimely deaths. Anyone in our sphere sees instances of this phenomenon on a regular basis. However, one fatality from the London stabbing rampage this past weekend really stands out. The irony of his demise is truly exceptional.

Jack Merritt’s master’s thesis was titled “A Critical Analysis of the Over-Representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Males aged 18-21 in the British Prison System.” No reading is required to know the conclusions. He was participating in Cambridge University’s “Learning Together” Conference along with his murderer, Usman Khan, a jihadist released from prison despite his role in a bombing plot. Merritt was his instructor in a de-radicalization course.

Mr. Merritt thought of himself as being on the right side of history and wound up on the wrong end of a knife. Reality punctured right through his delusions, rendering its verdict on a squandered and pathetic life. Was there any rhetoric that could’ve been employed to help this guy recognize his logical shortcomings and get a real job? Not really. This was an unpreventable tragedy in that sense.

Perhaps he realized that he’d been suffering from a profound misunderstanding in his agonizing final moments. Although, what any of that matters beneath 6 feet of cold, damp earth is beyond my ability to speculate.

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